Youth In Truth

What is Youth in Truth?

Well, what is truth? Truth is found in the Bible, God’s Word. That’s what the Bible tells us! Therefore, Youth in Truth is a place for youth to be in God’s Word.

Mission: To bring the peace of Jesus to the youth of Kokomo using the truth of God’s word.

What will they do?

We believe that it is very important to keep families together in worship and don’t want to harm that experience. Children love to be in church and will enjoy it more as they learn to participate. Children will be with their parents in worship for most of the service, except during the sermon. Before the sermon, the kids will come to the front of church for our Children’s Message. Afterwards those that choose to attend Youth in Truth[1] will follow their teacher (all have background checks) downstairs and study one of the three lessons from worship. The word remains the center for what they will be learning and so they will do the following:

  1. Listen to the Bible story read from the Bible.
  2. Discuss/clarify that reading.
  3. Work on memorizing a Bible verse and/or song.
  4. Close with a short activity to summarize the main point of the Bible lesson.

Afterwards, the children will return upstairs to rejoin their parent/guardian for the rest of worship.

[1] Please note that this is not a mandatory program. Caretakers are certainly welcome to keep their children with them for the whole service. Each family must consider what is best for their situation.